Dragon Ball News for the Week of April 25th

Good morning Dragon Ball fans! This week’s Dragon Ball news features Victory Asada instead of Victory Uchida and i hope Uchida san is alright and is just taking a long awaited vacation. Since the start of this series, I havent seen a different host up until now.

For this week’s news, there are just stickers for the upcoming Super Hero movie and also booster packs for Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Last week, we had the release of V-Jump June edition with chapter 83 of the manga. They also talked about the goods that were mentioned last week as well as the Sold Edge Works figures that released last week.

Not much in new goods this week, but there are some Dragon Ball themed neckties coming out and not in the news but in another article a collab with Flowering on some wearable goods. I do like the green tote bag and the crock looking slippers.

And with that, I hope you all have a super week!

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