Dragon Ball News for the Week of April 1st, 2024

It’s monday again and we have another episode of weekly dragon ball news!

Starting with last week’s news, they talked about the Dragon Ball Legends and the introduction of Golden Frieza as the new character. Also news from last week was the release of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Booster Pack 4. And as far as figures go, there were three new figures that released from the Dragon Stars lineup. You can read about them here and order them as well! No mention of the Figuarts Vegeta Figure announced last week, but maybe they are saving that for next week.

New for this week is the release of the May issue of Saikyo Jump featuring Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Meteor Mission 3, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Avatars, and Sandland full color. In a colloboration with Fusion World card game, they are including a Goku Black Rose card. In addition to Saikyo Jump, they are releasing new comics this week as well includign Ultra God Mission 4, Avatars 4, and Dragon Ball SD 10. Finally, Dragon Ball Super Issue 23 also goes on sale this week. Victory Uchida has a short segment talking about this including a new panel showing Gammas with Saiyaman 1 and 2. For figures this week, there is a new Captain Ginyu figure as well as the release of Ichiban Kuji’s Masterlise Duel to the Future.

As a special bonus, they introduced a new manga releasing in June titled Dragon Ball Super – Vegeta Chronicles that tells the story of Vegeta Beast travelling to the Saiyan planet in Universe 6. Hopefully more info comes out about this soon, but in the meantime, make this go viral 🙂

Anyway’s that’s it for this week’s news. You can watch the entire episode below and I have you have a Super Week!

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