Dragon Ball News for the Week of April 15th, 2024

It’s monday and that means another episode of weekly Dragon Ball news!

This week’s news features three items including Gashopon Series 04, V-Jump Magazine, and the release of SandLand Mechanical Master Plan book for the video game. Gashopon features six items and you have a chance to get one item with each play at a Gashopon machine. They come in little plastic balls and usually cost around 100 yen. I haven’t seen the Dragon Ball ones yet, but have seen others here.

Usually we can expect a new chapter for Dragon Ball Super this week, but because the manga is on haitus, there is just news on the card games and Sparkling Zero video game. Let’s hope the manga comes back soon as I feel like the momentum for Dragon Ball is waning.

Finally, Victory Uchida talked about the book that goes with the SandLand Video Game and I’m not sure when the anime for this is supposed to come out, but still haven’t seen the movie yet for this either.

Anyway’s that’s it for this week’s news. You can watch the entire episode below and I have you have a Super Week!

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