Dragon Ball Daima

So I’m a bit late with this news, but they just announced a new Dragon Ball series at NYCC with the direct involvement of Akira Toriyama. From the trailer below you can see someone watching replays of Goku throughout the entire Dragon Ball series and the big twist here is that both Goku and Vegeta are turned into kids. Everyone on social media has commented that this is just like Dragon Ball GT and it’s already been done so unless there is something else this isn’t exactly new.

Personally, I think this is more geared towards kids to create a new generation of fans as the current series has more adult themes so they toned it way down. As long as they dont replace Super with Daima, I think this is a good thing as there is a lot more Dragon Ball stories to tell for all ages. Now if they will just work on a Vegeta solo arc, I will be happy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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