DBS: Super Hero x Namco DB Festival Coming Soon!

This is a Japan only thing, but If you visit any Namco store, you can receive a random die cut sticker by showing your movie ticket stub. In Japan, movie ticket stubs are a miniature replica of the movie poster and some people collect them. Also, when you watch a movie, you can also purchase a fully colored program of the movie.

Next if you spend 500 yen in eligible machines, you get another random sticker from another series and get two of those and you can get a random coin case. They include a Goku, Red Ribbon, Super Hero, Capsule Corp, and Piccolo.

Lastly, if you visit a VS PARK or TONDEMI location, you’ll get a limited sticker that you can stick on your clothes as a present!

Check out all the stickers here on the official site!