DBS Super Hero Review

Just finished watching a very bad copy of the movie and overall it was entertaining, but the whole movie seemed very weird, like they were trying to combine nostalgia with a bunch of other movies in the Marvel and Sci Fi genre. Not gonna say to much about the plot, but if you want to read it, this post on reddit summarizes it way better than I can.

Now I think this movie has potential to create new figures, and i will talk about some characters who havent been announced yet so dont read on if you dont want to find out. For the Figuarts line, I can imagine them creating new figures for Trunks, Goten, and Fat Gotenks, but also Android 18, Krillin cop suit as well as the new transformations of Piccolo and Gohan. A new Bulma is also possible as well as Broly Cheelai and Lemo. But the most interesting would be a giant sized Piccolo and Cell Max like they did with Oozaru Vegeta a while back. They havent come out to make another large figure like that since. Finally, i have a feeling Bulma is a gonna get a new Gals figure featuring her new upgrade. LoL…

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