DBS Super Hero Collab – Foods

Someone mentioned on the official site yesterday why there were so many goods released for the Super Hero movie, but not so much for the Broly movie, which was roughly three years ago in 2019. There were plenty of figure releases back then and some non-figure collabs as well, but because the official site was in its infancy, there wasn’t as much reporting and people had to go out and look for the press releases. It also didnt help that most of these announcements were for Japan only releases so much of the news didnt make it stateside.

There was also the hit money maker Demon Slayer – Mugen Train last year that paved the formula for anime movie releases and because of that, DBS is following a similar marketing style to not just promote the movie but goods and services related to the movie. So if Super Hero does well, you will likely continue seeing more and more product release tie ins with anime movies.

Now for the latest in products for the upcoming Super Hero movie, we have pariparipa ice cream in three different boxes. I doubt we will see these here in the US, but looks good and will go well with the DBS themed oreo cookies.

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