DBS Manga Chapter 66: Moro, Consumer of Worlds

The latest issue of the Dragon Ball Super Manga just dropped this morning and I just finished reading through it. If you haven’t already done so, check out the links below before continuing on.

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Wow so so much happens after the events of the teaser that was released earlier this week. Basically Whis tells Goku that he needs to destroy the final crystal on Moro’s head to destroy him. Vegeta and the other fighters arrive on scene and he starts punching the spirit out of him, but he is being absorbed faster than he can release.

Goku flies towards Moro, but is grabbed and subsequently drained of all his power and passes out. Piccolo asks Vegeta to gather all their energy to send to Goku, but this isn’t divine enough and he only has enough to go SSB. Jaco has an idea and he goes out and ends up looking for Majin Buu. Apparently, when Buu split up, the diving energy went to Kid Buu and then when he was reincarnated into Oob, he retained that divine spirit. So Majin Buu wakes up with his alternate head, finds Oob and then sends his energy to Vegeta to send to Goku.

When this happened, Goku activated what looks like Susanoo if you are family with Uchiha’s special ability from Naruto (see image above). He is enveloped by Susanoo Goku to protect him and then he punches the crystal and kills Moro saving the day.

So in a matter of a few chapters, Goku went from being weaker than Vegeta to now having divine spirit, which would make him leaps and bounds ahead of Vegeta now. This is basically my only grip with this whole series. Not sure what will be the next series, but unless the Gods of Destruction start coming after him, is there really anyone more powerful than him in the universe? I guess we will see next month!

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