Dragon Ball SD Episode #58

And here is Episode #58. As Yajiorbe’s ship is leaving, it gets destroyed and non of the Z Fighters even sense it. They come to the conclusion that Androids dont have Ki so they weren’t able to sense them. The two forms drop down onto the island and Goku has everyone spread out looking for them while Gohan checks on Yajirobe leaving Bulma and Trunks. They can find them, but meanwhile they go killing civilians to gain more strength, but their power levels are a bit low. Yamcha finds a few dead people and the two Androids sense him thinking at first that he was Goku. They descend on him and Android 20 quickly grabs him before he can call out and pierces his torso with his arm. Cant wait for Vegeta Beast to show up, but that is at least a few episodes away. Check it out below!

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