Featured Collector #2: The Action Figure Photography of Trollan Magician

Considering the success of our last collections post, I figured it’d be good to continue showing the action figure collections, custom figures and action figure photography of the site’s visitors! Next is an action figure photography set by Trollan Magician and his S.H. Figuarts Piccolo:

My real name is Carlos, I’m 31 years old, from Spain and right now my occupation is radio sound engineer and my family.

My passion for collecting figures has been always with me, I had a few figures from different collections, but I started collecting them seriously with the He-Man “Masters of the Universe Collection”. I consider myself a “multi-collector” as I like to have the best figures from different sets. The Dragon Ball figures are my newest and I’m pretty excited about them. They are really posable and with all the extra hands and heads I can do A LOT of different shots. By now I have Piccolo and Goku, next in line is Gohan, but he won’t be with me until June.

Check out Trollan Magician’s Piccolo photo shoot below:

For more of Trollan Magician’s photography visit his Flickr page.

Interested in becoming the next “Featured Collector”? Contact us and tell us about your Dragon Ball collection, include some photos and a brief description of your collection.

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