Fused Android 13

This week’s character showcase is fused Android 13 from the “Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!” After 14 and 15 are dispatched, 13 absorbs their parts and becomes Super 13 and resembled a blue Blanca from Street Fighter 2. The Z fighters are severely beat up until Goku forms his Spirit Bomb and then absorbs it making him super power and one shots super 13. I had to look it up since it had been a while since i watched the movie and forget how it ends. My favorite parts were Vegeta coming out of the ice like he was superman in his fortress of solitude and also Vegeta and Piccolo sitting back to back on an iceberg at the end. I also have a feeling this somehow related to the upcoming Super Hero movie where the final boss is a combined form of Gamma 1 and 2. Guess we will have to wait and see!