Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour NYC Coverage (PART 2)

The weekend came and it’s on its way out. Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour’s NYC date has come a close and we’re left with some excellent photos of upcoming figures in the SH Figuarts line. We were treated to updated versions of Yamcha and Tien, which have been anticipated by fans since the inception of the figure line.

Additionally, we saw Majin Vegeta, God Goku and Kid Goku. Three more figures that fans have been asking for. I’m a little sad we didn’t see a Super Saiyan 4 Goku, but such is life.

We have another image gallery for you below to close out the weekend:

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  • dink

    Still no sign of Buuhan or Buutenks QQ I wonder if those’ve been canned at this point? I love my Shodo Neo Super Buu but I want bigger, nicer figures of him and his forms, too.

    • Daftendirekt_Productions

      it might come next year with the new body because remember the old prototype