Figure Series of the Moment #1: “The Figure Collection”

Banpresto’s “The Figure Collection” has been getting a lot of hype lately due to their affordability, availability and the fact that when you have certain releases of the set all together they can be positioned in a familiar and nostalgically awesome pose. Before Banpresto’s “The Figure Collection” there were limited options to recreate this pose, but as of their most recent releases it can be done with the highest quality and best scaling figures to date.

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In my opinion this is a series that can be collected on an individual basis, but is best enjoyed completed. That’s why the affordability and availability has been such an important factor in this line. Each figure retails for around $19.99 each, which isn’t too bad when compared to other popular lines.

What’s more is that this line up actually offers a Tien, Chaotzu and Yamcha. Which has been a key complaint about SH Figuarts *cough cough*. So if you’ve been itching for a proper version of those characters, then look no further.


For some additional views of the figures and from different angles, refer to our friend and contributor, Richie Shia’s video below. For those who dont know, Richie lives in Japan at the moment and has quite the impressive collection of his own.

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