WCF Counterfeit Guide

Every line of Dragon Ball related action figures is subject to counterfeiters, even the smaller lines like Banpresto’s World Collectable Figures. Luckily Banpresto has implemented a few ways to tell if the figures you’re buying are legit or not and below we will provide you with a list of some of the best methods to check for legitimacy.

We’d like to thank our friend Rashmee for the photos, we couldn’t have written this guide without their help!

1. The Toei Sticker



Looking for a Toei sticker on Dragon Ball merchandise is one of the universal ways to check for legitimacy on all Dragon Ball merchandise. Some figures come with a gold Toei sticker, which means its the Japanese release. Others come with a silver Toei sticker, meaning its an international release. Both colors are legitimate.


2. The Stampings on the Base/Stand

Most counterfeit WCF figures come with a base/stand that is plain and without the stampings shown above. This is another give away that you may be looking at an illegitimate figure.


3. Barcode Sticker on Bags

As you can see in the photos above, a brand new figure will be separated into three bags, with the base having a white serial coded sticker on it. This method is an excellent method to tell if you’re purchasing a legitimate figure, but only if the figure is brand new.


4. Serial Number Stamped on the Figure

As you can see in the Goku figure above, he has a serial number stamped in his hair. Some of the counterfeit figures do have this, but some of the less convincing fakes do not. While it’s not always the best method, it’s a dead give away if there is no serial number anywhere on the figure.


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