Tamashii Nations Considering an SH Figuarts Tien / Yamcha

Tamashii Nations posted a status update on their official Facebook account asking fans to weigh in on what they would prefer; an SH Figuarts Tien or Yamcha.

This is a pretty big piece of news, as many fans have been requesting Tamashii continue making figures of the original Z fighters, rather than move forward with Dragon Ball Super characters.

Which figure are you hoping to see made? Discuss in the comments!

Check out the status below:

SH Figuarts Tien / Yamcha

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  • Rezo Inverse

    Tien first, of course.

  • Za Warudo

    Serious question, why not both?
    But if I had to choose, I would choose Yamcha.

    • Nick

      Maybe to release one more sooner than the other

      • Za Warudo


      • MajinRob

        That’s what I would imagine. The company knows both figures are desired by fans, so it’d be a poor choice to not eventually release both. Just a matter of which comes first.

        • Rezo Inverse

          I believe their plan is to keep ranging between sagas and what the fans are asking for. This year, for example was:

          1 – Goku Awekening – DBZ/Frieza’s arc + the new era of S.H.Figuarts
          2 – Trunks and Vegeta – most desired relaunch
          3 – Beerus and Whis – new characters from Super
          4 – Vegeta SSJ Blue – Super and complement of Fukkatsu no F
          5 – Mirai Trunks/Super Vegeta – DBZ/Cell’s arc

          For the next year, I would bet on:

          1 – Perfect Cell – a needed relaunch
          2 – Goku Black – everyone is going crazy about him, after all
          3 – Vados and Champa – also representing DB Super
          4 – Tien – as the most desired
          5 – A Frieza 100%, or any other “blowing mind” figure.

          Yamcha, if not next year, shall come at start of 2018 at maximum. Just as they let us waiting for normal Goku. But again, that is what I believe.

          • sharinganmor92

            actually im zure that ss4 goku figure will happen to i mean theyve revised the prototype twice

          • Rezo Inverse

            I agree. Even if many people dislike Dragon Ball GT, the SS4 is one of the things the fans approve (on my case, I dislike of both, but… It’s me.hehe), and a SS4 Goku can even be the start for a entire line focused on GT. It is a great opportunity to Bandai ignore.

        • Nick