SH Figuarts “Armored Trunks” Will Utilize the Updated Packaging

A photo showing a small portion of the SH Figuarts “Armored Trunks” packaging reveals that it will utilize the same updated packaging we saw debut with “Super Warrior Awakening Goku” several months ago.

The photo isn’t a very clear shot, but if you look you can see the tops of two Armored Trunks figures and the packaging is obviously the updated style.

Super Saiyan Trunks (also referred to as Armored Trunks) is set for international release next month.


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  • Nick

    Really hoping he comes with the ascended head as well

    • MajinRob

      I’d like to see this as well, though it’s possible the ascended head could come with another figure. Kind of like how Android 18 had the extra Krillin head included with it.

      • Nick

        If the new vegeta figure is Super Vegeta, there’s a high possibility of that being true

  • MidEastNuke

    Hope you guys are right