SDCC Officially Confirms Tamashii Nations Exclusive

As we exclusively leaked much earlier, the SDCC Tamashii Nations exclusive this year will be a recolor of SH Figuarts Broly.

Well in case anyone doubted us, or anyone else, the official Comic Con website has finally confirmed what we revealed much earlier.

Here a screen shot for the lazy:



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  • MidEastNuke


    • MajinRob

      It is what it is. I’m not too hung up on it, especially since its a convention exclusive and will be subject to ridiculous mark ups in price. I’d rather the cool and desirable figures be web exclusives at the worst. That way I can obtain them easily.

    • Nick

      Like Rob said, it is best we get a recolor version of these figures as sdcc exclusives instead of completely new figures so it’ll be much more easier to obtain for the majority of us 🙂