Preview Dragon Ball Super Manga #76

As we mentioned yesterday, the previews for the next chapter of DBS manga would come out today and it is available on the official website. I have included the scans below so take a look. Since these are only available for a week on the official site, we will also remove this after a week when the official chapter releases.

This chapter is titled “Fate of the Saiyans” but a more proper name should be “Goku Re-enters The Fight” as we see him take a shot at Granolah on the last frame. It’s interesting to note that with these previews, it is a little hard to differentiate between Granolah and Vegeta in the closeups as they both have the Widows Peak and you can’t see the rest of the hair.

And it’s hard to tell where the story is going from here so if you have a clue, leave it in the comments below. I think the eye patch has something to do with the end of this fight, but we will have to wait and see. The official release should be out in a week.

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