S.H. Figuarts Zarbon (ザーボン) Announcement

Right in time for NYCC, Premium Bandai USA announced the S.H. Figuarts Zarbon figure, which will release on Thursday, October 7th, 2021 @9PM (EDT). Kind of an odd time to release this, but maybe something is happening then.

This figure will complete all of Frieza’s henchmen from the Namek arc so hopefully we get some good guys too like Nail, Den Den, and PORRRUNGA! Also, would like to eventually see the second and most importantly the third form for Frieza, but I feel a bit Frieza’ed out at this point.

They mentioned that there will be four more Namekian saga charaters so I’m curious who they will be and if they will be all bad or all good? Bad would be second form for Zarbon, second and third form for Frieza, and maybe Cui.

Let me know who you want to see in the four slots in the comments!

Zarbon will ship in May, 2022 with a cost of $68, not including shipping and handling. He comes with the parts below:

 ・Main body
 ・Exchangeable left hand x 2, Exchangeable right hand x 3
 ・Exchangeable expression parts x 3
 ・Bangs parts for use with the scouter
 ・Exchangeable bangs parts
 ・Namekian Dragon Ball Luminous Ver. (Two Stars)

For those outside the premium bandai shipping area, you can also purchase this figure from BBTS Here!