S.H. Figuarts: Two Zamasu Figures and another Broly Announced

The monthly Shonen Jump Release Calendar has brought good tidings yet again. This month’s update reveals not one, but two Zamasu figures and yet another Broly.

Zamasu (Normal) and Zamasu (Merged) will both drop in August, 2019 for 6,500JPY each or $58.00~. The new Broly figure will be a little more expensive, at 7,500JPY or $67.00~ and be released the following month in September, 2019.

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  1. So the kanji used for Broly is “raged”, so I think it’s Broly in his monkey power form, which was the power he fought with for most of his fight.

  2. Zamas and Fused Zamas, woulda though Jiren would be first, but oh well. Man they making my wallet lighter every month LOL

      • Yah might have to do something similar cause before when it was just once a month, it was doable, but now I might have to rethink two a month. I also get the big X-Plus figures twice a year too so all in all this hobby has gotten a big pricey.

        • I also really like vintage figures. They can be easier to collect since the hype is so low. Not being held to a release schedule is also nice.

          • Those are nice too, but depending on the figure, the price can be a bit high. I bought a couple of the sofubi ones from the early 90s from yahoo japan pretty cheaply, but to get the rest will be at least 200 bucks…

              • So if you had 200 bucks to spend, what would you get?

                1. Save it for the three figures just announced above
                2. Get SS trunks, SS vegeta, Time Patroller, and TP Trunks (I am missing these four to complete all the figures thus far in the new box style)
                3. Get the rest of the sofubi super collection to complete my collection https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b323018828 This will probably cost about $50 more to factor in shipping from Japan
                4. Add another $75 and get x-plus beerus

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