First Image of SCultures Big Budoukai 7 Volume 03 Broly

Wow, when Banpresto announced that they were making a new Broly figure for their popular Scultures line, I imagined (along with everyone else) that it was going to be in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. But we got our first image of him, and it’s in his first “mind controlled” Super Saiyan state, which is a form of Broly we hardly ever get in plastic form.

This figure was sculpted by veteran artist and new SCultures competitor, Jun Sato. It is estimated that this will be 6.3 inches head to toe, which would be in perfect scale with Dragon Ball Figuarts. Like most of Banpresto’s products, this will only run you $29.99 and is due out this Fall.

  • Rezo Inverse

    It’s really nice to be another transformation.

  • DRshooter

    Dayum, they got Broly lookin’ good like Fabio and shii.

  • Bo Sin

    paint looks pretty dull