Dragon Ball Z Gigantic Series Son Goku and Son Gohan

So I was browsing the Shonen Jump figure release schedule for Dragon Ball figures and noticed this bit of information in the unscheduled figures.

And the second item there basically says Dragon Ball Z Gigantic Series Son Goku & Son Gohan and this got me interested as I really like the X-Plus figures due to their size and general impact in a display. So this got me wondering what it would look like. X-Plus hasn’t made any gigantic series thus far with two characters together, except for Android 17 with the two Grand Zenos.

Now this doesn’t say Super Saiyan so it cant be the the iconic pose with SSJ2 Gohan and Goku doing a combined Kamehameha. With yesterdays announcement from the prize figures, I was thinking this may be something from the Saiyan series. So here is my guess at what this figure will look like:

Tell me your thoughts on this?

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