2020 SDCC @Home S.H. Figuarts Prototype Reveal

During the SDCC @Home event hosted from Tamashii Nations Tokyo, they revealed three new prototype S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball figures including First Form Frieza, Purple Haired Launch, and the long awaited Raditz. No information on when they will be available or cost, but this is definitely interesting news. Also during the broadcast, they passed around a stack of what looked like printouts of figures they are working on and one of them you can clearly see from behind was first form Cell. They didn’t show the audience the pictures directly so we will have to wait to see what those are. Many of the fans commented that they want SSJ4 Goku and that was also one of the questions asked. Also Kelfa was another popular character with no S.H. Figuarts figure yet as well as Krillin 2.0. Let us know in the comments below what characters you would like to see in a future release? Personally, I would like to see a third form Alien head Frieza, and Korin.

Also, if you missed the SDCC @Home Exclusive, there may be a third release on July 22nd so check the Bluefin Facebook page for updates!


  1. I want more non-saiyan characters. Mecha Frieza, Hit, Zarbon, Dodoria, Lord Slug, Kami, Dabura, Belmod, King Cold, First form Cooler, Devilman, Magetta, Androids 19/20, the movie Androids, Ox King (Early design), Second form Cell, Porunga, Piccolo with his driving episode outfit and car. lol

    • Wow thats a pretty long list there…might be a while till they get to all of them, but definitely want a porunga next to shenron, and maybe even Super Shenron – Champa too…

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