New Dragon Ball Movie

Another exciting revelation during the Goku day weekend event is the announcement from Toriyama himself that a new movie is in the works for 2022. Not much information about the plot, but he said it would include “some extreme and entertaining bouts,” along with an unexpected character. Cant wait for more information.


    • I hope not…Toriyama has already done the “sibling we didn’t know about” thing with Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma. It wouldn’t even make sense at this point because Frieza has stated that he has no one to help him fight Vegeta and Goku…Plus, we already have Frost for that role.

    • For some reason Cooler seems to be a popular choice among DB fans, but he would probably have to get a gold transformation to match up with the saiyans. My guess is they will make an abridges version of the Moro saga, which would be kinda cool. Basically copy the formula from the recent Demon Slayer movie. But my hope is it will be something original. They really need to move the story along and either dive into the other universes or move the two saiyans into godhood…

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