Dragon Ball Super Manga #66 Preview – Planet Eater Moro

It is the middle of November now and the Dragon Ball News released the preview for chapter #66 of Dragon Ball Super Manga. The pages are below and there are a lot of preview pages this time so hopefully it will be a long chapter.

Starts off with the Z fighters and Vegeta sensing that everyone’s energy is being sucked up by Moro, unlike the spirit bomb where the people give up their energy voluntarily.

Goku continues fighting Moro and Krillin senses that this is hopeless and Beerus decides that he will help out just this one time. Want to note here that many other Dragon Ball fans on youtube have noted that this has been a trump card in the past and they would rather not see the gods get involved.

And this is what happens as Whis announces that they are being recalled by the Daishinkan, his father. Whis then goes to Goku and gives him a pep talk. The wording here is a bit rough so my translation might not be correct, but it looks like he tells Goku that they dont have to remove Merus’ power, since he, Goku, already has the power of the gods. Beerus also gives Goku a few words telling him to leave some of Earth’s food even if it is destroyed, and boom they fly out.

On the last page as Moro is laughing, Vegeta flies in and tell Kakarot to get out of the way. Hopefully this will be the end of this saga, but there may be another chapter to wrap it all up. We will find out in a week.