Dragon Ball Super Manga #64 Preview

Wow it is already middle of September and that means another DBS Manga preview and the full release coming up soon!

Following the events of the last chapter, Goku appeared to be extremely angry similar to how he was in Namek after Frieza killed Krillyn. Here he is talking to Jaco explaining that Merus died to teach him something important. Meanwhile Beerus and Whis watch over seeing if he will be able to master Ultra Instinct. Goku then appears to calm down a bit and ask Jaco why he joined the Galactic Patrol. He replies that he joined to preserve the peace in the universe and the uniforms were super cool. Goku then says that is why Merus joined. Then Moro joins them wondering where Merus went and Goku replies that he is not here anymore, and his opponent is him. Goku will carry on the Merus’ purpose. He then powers up and that is the end of the preview.

So the question remains if Goku can transform into his Ultra Instinct form and if that will be enough to beat Moro? Guess we will find out in 9 days!