Dragon Ball Super Manga #61 Preview

Looks like the first few pages of the upcoming DBS Manga Issue #61 was previewed in its pre-inked penciled art-form with the rebirth of Vegeta. We see him fight Moro and get punched into the mountain that the other Z fighters are watching from. Moro tells Vegeta to give up, but he again attacks and seems to dodge Moro’s attack, which surprises Goku. This teaser doesn’t show his new ability that he learned on Yardrat. The new issue releases on June 19th in Shonen Jump for 580 yen. Looking forward to the whole issue!


    • Big Vegeta fan here as well so hoping he gets the win. Originally was thinking his new power would be to heal other people kinda like each naruto team has a medical ninja, but now im thinking it will be something else, either prevent others from draining your ki or even taking other peoples ki…we will find out in seven days…

      • Vegeta always gets slighted, so we will see. I’m not holding my breath. But if they gave Vegeta his due, it’d change my opinion of Super a lot. Not that my opinion of it is negative, but I haven’t been loving it.

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