Super Battle Collection – Vol. 34

Line: Super Battle Collection
Manufacturer: Bandai
Character: Super Baby
Materials: ABS, PVC
Release Date:
Original Price:
#1 2003 Re-Release and Re-Color

Included Accessories:
– Interchangeable Torso (x1)


  • Majin Rob

    Perhaps I’m biased in reviewing this figure, as it was the first figure I ever bought related to Dragon Ball, but I really like it. The packaging for the Super Battle Collection line is pretty nice, especially for the era. The figure isn’t very pose able, the arms rotate and the waist does too. But none of that irks me. The paint and sculpt of the figure look great and the interchangeable torso is a nice addition.

    I can’t explain why, but the Super Battle Collection figures have always appealed to me, even when arguably better figures became available. There’s something charming about their simplicity and nostalgic value for me.