Android 17

Android 17
Original Release Date: September, 2015
Figure Variants: None

Packaging Variants:
#1 Gold Toei Sticker with Dragon Ball Kai Logo (Japanese Release)
#2 Silver Toei Sticker with Dragon Ball Z Logo (International Release)

Included Accessories:
-Interchangeable Face (x3)
-Interchangeable Hair (x2)
-Interchangeable Left Hand (x6)
-Interchangeable Right Hand (x7)
-Interchangeable Crossed Arms (x1)
-Bandannas (x2)
-Belt (x1)
-Gun Holster Belt (x1)
-Gun in Holster (x1)
-Gun (x1)

Packaging for International Release

Comes with silver Toei sticker and Dragon Ball Z logo near the bottom, on the front of the packaging.