UPDATE: Toy Dojo Shows Space Pod Prototype at Alamo City Comic-Con

A few days ago we posted about Toy Dojo showing off a Saiyan space pod prototype at Alamo City Comic-Con at their distribution table, however we didn’t have much more news other than that. We reached out to Toy Dojo and they revealed a bit of information to us regarding the tentative prototype.

Check their brief response below:

It is designed by a company called Mech Ideas. It is rumored to be limted to 3000 pieces.




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  • sharinganmor92

    i bought that exact piccolo at their booth lol majinrob u should try and organize getting booths for comic conventions and seeing if u cant get some sponsors

    • MajinRob

      That would be really fun, but I’m not sure what I would have at my booth. What do you have in mind? This is interesting!

      • sharinganmor92

        well i could design a banner for the booth and as youve seen there are plenty of toy shops at comic conventions this way you could have other shops place their ads on the site. In exchange you could mention them in posts talk about other store exclusives write reviews maybe even find a way to contact bluefin let them know we really support their efforts and would like to showcase their figures for events

        • sharinganmor92

          let them know you run a site that features their figures its worth it if we can travel talk more shops into stocking the figures

        • MajinRob

          Hey sounds good, I’m just not sure a booth at a convention is necessary. Good ideas though!