Upcoming Dragon Stars Waves LEAKED

An image appearing to reveal upcoming Dragon Stars waves has begun circulating in collectors communities and circles. The image is very telling in what will be composing the next two waves, with some of the best news of all being that the MSRP will remain at $19.99.

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of these next two waves. However, having this information this early is very exciting and tells us a great deal about the strategy that Bandai will be taking for its only North American domestic figure line.

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  • Amdazzler

    Alright, we’re getting Jiren. 🙂 I was hoping he’d be added to their line up.
    And yeah, that the price is staying that low is great news as well.

    • Daftendirekt_Productions

      what coulda replaced goku is piccolo or tien or caulifla but she might be in the next two waves along with ui goku

      • Chandler Nunnally

        So do we assume that Kyabe is Cabba? And the text above seems to indicate that the BAF is Kale. That’s killer if true. I kinda hope the Vegito figure is SSBlue though, instead of regular super saiyan.

        • Daftendirekt_Productions

          Yea kyabe is how its pronounced in japanese,vegito is ssgss because he never went ssj in dbs,the baf is kale

  • Joseph Fridley

    I skipped the last wave because I also collect the SH Figuarts and could not see the reason for having multiple of each. However, this wave has a BAF I want and a bunch of characters that have not received figures before. I am really behind with Super so I am not sure what the Blue Kaioken is if anyone knows.

    • eligamerman

      I won’t spoil you but all I can say is keep watching and you’ll eventually find out what it is 😉