S.H. Figuarts Yamcha Coming This November!

Finally, after a year of teasing us with prototypes, Yamcha is finally on the release schedule for the Figuarts line and is coming out this November and will be priced at 6,000JPY!

No word on Tien’s release date just yet, however I’m willing to bet we will see a release date on next month’s Shonen Jump calendar update.

English Translation

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  • Rezo Inverse

    FINALLY!! More than time for him to appear. Plus, now I’m sure that Tien must be coming on december. 😀

    • ChrisJK20000

      Hey man any idea when Zarbon is coming out?

      • Rezo Inverse

        Unfortunately, no. :/

        There’s not even a prototype from Zarbon, Dodoria or any other character from Frieza’s army.

        • ChrisJK20000

          Do you think we will see them released next year? Or who will we see?

          • Rezo Inverse

            Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see them anytime soon. A little ago, Bandai made a small research on what figures the fans want to see sooner, and there’s was a list for people to point.

            If we use it, the figures that they were suggesting, and that may be developing are: Mirai Trunks (DB Super), Goku Black, Vados, Champa, Kid Krillin, Master Roshi, Number 19, Number 20 and Bulma.

            And if I’m to guess… Next year I would bet on Majin Vegeta, Gotenks, Kid Goku, Kid Krillin, Goku Super Saiyan 2.0, Piccolo Battle Damaged, Champa, Vados and maybe Bardock.

          • ChrisJK20000

            How many years will Bandai make these figures for man?

            I have collected the Jakks and Irwin figures but these look better in your opinion would you say that is correct?

            Thanks for info

          • Rezo Inverse

            The collection started back at 2011, but at 2015 they showed us new articulations and started the 2.0 figures, with the Goku Warrior Awakening.

            At 2016, if I’m not mistaken, there was a interview with a manager that confirmed that the Dragon Ball figures were the biggest succes in all the S.H.Figuarts collection (that also has animes like Naruto, Sailor Moon and another titles like Ultraman, Kamen Rider, The Avengers and Batman (movies and games). So, I don’t think they see an end to the collection. Insted, some years from now they may just reveal a 3.0 mold and keep going.

            “in your opinion would you say that is correct?”

            I would. I never bought Irwin or Jakks figures but, I already saw a lot of them, and I really believe that the S.H.Figuarts looks more detailed and “solid” on their paintins. And the articularions are also really great, on the olds and even more on the new ones.

            On a bad side, one known problem with the line is that they really really like to make some reuse on the figures. For example, the exactly same Goku’s body for him on a normal state, him on Super Saiyan, him on Namek and Mystic Gohan.

            Sometimes it’s okay, because they really use the same clothes but, sometimes it’s a little irritating, like the Super Vegeta who is thinner than it should, and already are being reuse (arms, legs and head) for Vegeta Scouter 2.0.

            Or even the Goku God Red, which needed to be a lot more skinny, but has the body of the Goku SSJ3 2.0 and just the arms a little bit thinner.

          • Rezo Inverse

            If you want to see a full list, not on english, but a good visual reference (I can’t post without spaces):

            foradacaixa . blog . br /2016 / 11 / dragon-ball-shfiguarts-guia-completo-de . html

            The last part, named Protótipos, are the prototypes showed throught the years, but yet without a release date (well, not counting Yamcha, who was announced now).

            Later, tell me what you thought / decided about the collection. 🙂

            p.s. I also found the list Bandai did for votation:

            4 . bp. blogspot . com / -rKcQKrEmBnY/WQZ3425Av0I/AAAAAAAAO4w/JSYO1lRdwnQzjKf8zKgpXj_ ouFw _9SmywCLcB/s1600/DragonBall_ 57 . jpg

  • Jonathan Briano

    So much figures releasing , what like 5 around the same time

    • ChrisJK20000

      who else is coming out?

  • eligamerman

    Nice to see Figuarts getting their figures out!

  • SSJ_Bardock

    Awesome news! By the way, can anyone post the link to the calendar? I want to follow it as closely as I can.

  • MidEastNuke

    “Begin” is really “vegitto”, if you want to make the change. We are getting a Vegitto Zero figure.

    • MajinRob

      Google Translate sucks some times.

  • Za Warudo

    Man, they have saved all the heavy hitters for the end of the year! I’ve been waiting for this lone wolf for a while and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • ChrisJK20000

    Who else is coming out?

    • Rezo Inverse

      There is Vegeta Scouter 2.0 on july, Nappa on august, Goku Super Saiyan 3 2.0 on september, and Shen Long and Goku Super Saiyan Red/God on october. Plus, with the announcement of Yamcha, it’s extremaly probable that Tien will be coming on december.

      • ChrisJK20000

        I seen God Goku online already has it been released in China already?

        • Rezo Inverse

          For what I know, It hasn’t been released anywhere so far. There’s just some pre-orders.
          Unless it’s the Goku Blue/God, who has been released a good time ago.