SH Figuarts “Whis” Confirmed for August, 2016 Release

It’s been confirmed via Shonen Jump’s release schedule that the SH Figuarts Whis figure will be released in August, 2016. It will be a web exclusive and retail for 5,200 yen.

  •  S.H.Figuarts ウィス ※魂ウェブ商店限定 – 5200円+税バンダイ
  •  S.H. Figuarts Whis ※ Soul Web Shop Limited – 5,200 yen + tax Bandai

SH Figuarts Whis at Tamashii Nation 2015

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  • Nick

    It’s cool that we’re getting more dbz sh. figuarts but I hope after whis’s release we start seeing more non-super characters

  • DRshooter

    This looks great! I’m really hold out for SS4 Goku, and a SS3 Goku re-release.

    • Nick

      Same here, I’m really hoping the next release is Majin Vegeta and the Cell PCE

    • sharinganmor92

      dude ive wanted ss4 goku for awhile now id also like pce ss3 goku and cell if that ever happens lol. Id also like to see gohan in his kai outfit with a z sword

      • sharinganmor92

        oh and final form cooler