SH Figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Goku Confirmed for September

The monthly update to the Shonen Jump Release Calendar has brought us some good news for the month of April! The SH Figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Goku re-release has been confirmed for release in September, 2017 and will be retailing for 5800JPY.

It’s been quite a while since we were initially treated to the debut of the retooled Super Saiyan 3 Goku figure at Tamashii Nation 2016. Many fans felt it was an excellent choice for an updated mold, due to the heaviness of the hair, subsequent difficulty of balancing the figure on his feet and the coloring of his gi. These aspects being updated, in addition to the ugraded joints of the figure provides for a worthwhile purchase and desirable addition to anyone’s collection!

Keep your eyes peeled over the next several weeks as the figure will begin going on presale at online retailer everywhere!



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  • SSJ_Bardock

    An excellent figure! Here’s to hoping Yamcha, Tien, Gotenks, Buu and SSJ4 follow through next year!

    • sharinganmor92

      I’m so glad someone else still wants ss4 goku the figure rise is okay but lacks articulation and feels cheap though after a quick paint job they can look figuarts sequel

    • Daftendirekt_Productions

      Buu,tien,and yamcha are likely but ssj4 idk unless they plan on making ssj gogeta or super 17 it would be likely

  • Rezo Inverse

    YES! YES!! YES!!! I always wanted a SSJ3 Goku figure from S.H.Figuarts. The old one, despiste having such awfull colors and few faces, I never was able to find. Now, this one… I’m surely going to purchase

    • DRshooter

      I could tell by your profile pic that you were gonna be happy about this ;D I’m so picking one up when he comes out.

      • Rezo Inverse

        Yes.hehe It’s my favorite transformation. ^^

  • Jonathan Briano

    Nice I just started my collection with Premium Cell. I’ve admired this series for a long time happy to see a new release of ssj3 the old ones colors were strange.

  • Dippergames420

    Nice. Now all we need is a PCE or 2.0 of Freeza and maybe Yamcha and Tien next year.

    • SSJ_Bardock

      I missed out on Freeza when he first came out. I really hope a PCE comes out sometime soon, then I will have all characters so far released except for SSJ3 Goku and Krillin.

  • Fabio Baptista

    Mais um Goku??? Desnecessário. Deveriam lançar logo o Yamcha e o Tien

  • Noah Swancutt

    Does anyone know if it will have new packaging compared to the Ss3 goku out now? I wonder if this being released will make the price of the Ss3 goku out now drop any. I can only find that Ss3 goku on ebay and Amazon around 250$ and I’m scared to buy from both those websites. I wish September would come sooner!

  • Noah Swancutt

    I wonder if this release will bring the price down of the sh figuarts ss3 goku out now. I want to buy it but the only place that has it in Stock is ebay and Amazon and I’m too scared to buy from either of those at such a high price. They are selling for around 300$.