SH Figuarts: Premium Color Trunks Has Less Accessories Than Original Release

As hype builds for the upcoming SH Figuarts Premium Color Trunks, details continue emerging.

It wasn’t too long ago that we showed off photos of the Premium Colors Trunks packaging and now we have photos that show off what’s included in the new release:

Premium Colors Trunks Accessories:

Premium Colors Trunks from SH Figuarts

As you can see the Premium Color release comes with only four sets of hands and four different faces. Compare that to the original release below:

Original release SH Figuarts Trunks

As it is apparent in the photo above you can see the original SH Figuarts Trunks came with six sets of hands and seven faces.

I think this is kind of a good thing. Why? It doesn’t hurt the existing value of the original Trunks release. The extra accessories are exclusive to the original release and gives collectors a reason to still seek out both releases.

What do you think? Comment and let me know!

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  • AnhVuDo

    I’m a little butthurt over the less parts. I agree, as a fellow collector, I’m glad for the people that paid more for the original.

    • MajinRob

      It’s a good thing IMO. That way people who spent an arm and a leg on the original dont feel like they wasted too much money. Part of what some people like about these figures is the high collectability, high values and rarity. So it makes sense.

  • Za Warudo

    I guess that makes since. I kinda wish he came with all the accessories, but he still comes with a lot, so I’m still excited for this guy!