SH Figuarts Kid Goku Announced

The SH Figuarts line is really ramping up production and releases lately! The latest news is that the SH Figuarts ‘Kid Goku’ is being released this January, 2018. The figure is slated to come with a four star Dragon Ball, as well.

No word on the pricing just yet, but Tamashii Nations released an exciting new promo picture to help further build hype for this highly desirable release!

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  • Lee Michael Burns

    He’s out before Tien ???

  • Nick

    I sure hope he comes with his Nimbus cloud and power pole as well

  • Rezo Inverse

    GREAT! I need this Goku!!

  • Dippergames420

    I am buying him. No doubting it, as soon as he’s up for pre-order on Big Bad Toy Store, I’m buying him.

  • MidEastNuke

    Hey Majin Rob, official release is in January 🙂

    • MajinRob

      Thanks! Fixed it.

  • eligamerman

    So glad were getting this figure!