SH Figuarts Gotenks Release Date Announced

The first of the month is here and the Shonen Jump Calendar has been updated. This update has confirmed the tentative release of S.H. Figuarts Gotenks, which is now officially slated to be released in October, 2018 and will retail for roughly 5500JPY.

Rejoice fans, for Tamashii Nations is obviously serious about releasing figures it debuts prototypes of. Now if only we could see that Super Saiyan 4 Goku get a release date..


As many of you remember we’ve been seeing Gotenks teased at various shows and conventions for months now. For those of you who have been missing our coverage, check out the photo gallery below:

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  • MidEastNuke

    Probably won’t have the powered down head. Really want a SS3 version of him but I’ll be getting this one anyways. Hope he looks better than the prototypes.

    • MajinRob

      I’m pretty excited about the release. I even liked the prototype version. What was your issue with it? Maybe I’m becoming less particular as I age. Haha.

      • MidEastNuke

        Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m excited lol. I just didn’t like the face of the prototypes. Just looked a bit off. A lot of folks hate that he’s out of scale, but that doesn’t bother me.

  • dink

    Ohoho… Yess, yess… With Gotenks on the scene, it’s far too tempting… Surely, in order to recreate all of his best scenes, they’ll need to release a Super Buu, right? Hahaha! It’s just around the corner! For real this time!

    • MidEastNuke

      Super Buu and SSJ3 Gotenks! I think Fat Buu is the only fight this version of Gotenks had against?

  • Dippergames420

    I pray to God that they don’t include that awful laughing face and offer something better in its place (I.E, a screaming face or a more gritted-teeth cocky face).

  • Bo Sin

    that looks horrible

    • SSJ_Bardock

      In the pictures, yes. Tamashii has a strange habit of posing prototypes in the strangest positions that make them look terrible. Hopefully, when official pics come out Gotenks will look better.

  • eligamerman

    Really hope he comes with a powered down head and ssj3 head. I’m willing to pay more for more accessories.