SH Figuarts: Advanced Color Trunks Accessories Detailed

Details regarding the included accessories, release date and MSRP of the “Advanced Color Trunks” figure have been detailed in a statement released by Tamashii Nations.

Trunks is making a comeback to S.H.Figuarts in a high quality paint that you haven’t seen! In the Premium Color Edition,Trunks’ coloring is applied with the ultimate care, bringing out details that couldn’t be recreated before. Trunks comes with interchangeable hair parts for changing from normal to Super Saiyan Trunks. All together, Trunks comes with interchangeable hands (x8), interchangeable face parts (normal x1, Super Saiyan x3), and sword (x2). Be sure to check out the previously released Vegeta -Premium Color Edition- as well!
February 2016

Advanced Color Trunks is now available for pre-order for international collectors.


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  • sharinganmor92

    Its up on BBTS just ordered 🙂

    • MajinRob

      Same here!

    • MajinRob

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  • Attention to Detail

    Waiting for another place bbts shipping is ridiculous

  • Nick

    Better get these before they skyrocket in price

    • MajinRob

      I agree!