SCultures 6 Banpresto Figure Colosseum Winner

Banpresto’s SCultures 6 “Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku”, sculpted by Ito Yoshinori, is the winner with 109,770 points! Coming in second place was Android 18 by Iwakura Keiji, third place was Super Saiyan 2 Goku by VAROQ and the runner up was Nakazawa Hiroyuki with a different sculpt of Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku.

SCultures 6

Ito Yoshikori had this to say to the fans for helping to decide his victory:

I am very grateful to everyone who cheered for me this time.I dont know how I can repay this kindness, I want to devote myself to my work to make something even better next time.

Check out a gallery of Yoshinori’s winning original sculpt below:



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  • Jason Clayborn

    Will all these be made or just the winner? I actually like all 3 Goku’s.

    • Zash

      Only the winner was made..and to be honest while the photos look cool, it doesn’t look that great in real life.

      • MajinRob

        I’ve been hearing this myself. Bummer that theyve been doing such a bad job on the production figures lately..

  • Leo

    Wish we got something else besides the same damn generic SS3 pose even tho it looks badass.

  • Dalubai

    That’s not Hiroyuki Nakazawa. Nakazawa did the SS3 Goku with 80330 votes.

    • MajinRob

      You’re absolutely right! I fixed the issue and even added everyone else’s names, just to be more clear. Sorry about the mistake. I wrote this update late last night after I finished working a 14 hour shift. Haha.