S.H. Figuarts Whis Packaging Revealed

The upcoming S.H. Figuarts Whis figure is going to be utilizing the new packaging that debuted with Warrior Awakening Goku, as new photos have revealed.

The production version of the figure looks excellent, judging by this one photo and so does the new packaging that has been utilized recently. For those who missed it, Lord Beerus will also come with the new style of packaging as we previously reported. It would seem that from this point on this will be the standard for S.H. Figuarts. So if we could, let us all have a brief moment of silence for the old style of packaging..


Okay! Moving on.

Whis is set for an August, 2016 release and is a web exclusive. So be ready!

SH Figuarts Whis

Photo credit: huaycapac @ Instagram


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  • Super MnO

    Are you gonna post about the Bandai Figurise Standard trailer and series 2 news.

    • MajinRob

      Can you use the contact form to send me info and pictures? Been busy over here and hat would help.

  • Amit Bodalia

    Hey MajinRob,

    What do you mean by a “web exclusive”? Will it not be available at retail stores? Love your site,

    Thanks dude

    • MajinRob

      Hey thanks! “Web exclusive” is a phrase used by Bandai for figures that are sold exclusively in their online web store. It also means the figure will only see one run of production. I.E. once it’s out of stock, that’s it. Some times these figures will get a new paint job and be re-released as a “Premium Color Edition” but so far, this has only happened to two figures (and it took a long time for this to happen).

      Something else to consider is that web exclusives are also sold by other retailers as the distributor, Bluefin, gets allotments for such a purpose.