Premium Color Edition Cell Packaging Revealed

The packaging for the SH Figuarts ‘Premium Color Edition Perfect Cell’ has been spied by a source in Hong Kong. Interestingly enough the packaging style is that of the “original” SH Figuarts releases and not the newer style we’ve seen on some of the more recent releases.

It also appears that the figure will come with the stand and blasting effects of the original Cell release. Though this is only speculation, due to the appearance of Cell with these accessories being present on the back of the box.

Remember to keep an eye out, as this figure drops this month!


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  • Dippergames420

    I’m not sure if they plan to include the blast or not. Given Tamashii Nations being a bunch of cheapskates recently (I mean, yeah the figures are still good, but their excuse for lack of accessories is “price”, but Trunks -original- was $59.99 when he came out.)

    • Bankman1105

      the blast effect comes with cell just like the first edition

  • Rezo Inverse

    It’s fair that he come with the old box, after all he’s not a 2.0 figure, and I really need it on my of collection. I just hope that the effect comes together.

  • MidEastNuke

    I’m sure the effect comes with it, since it’s been used in the official tamashii photos. It’s painted a bit differently.