Official SH Figuarts Scouter Vegeta 2.0 Photos Released

Right off the heels of the Official SH Figuarts Nappa photos, we’re being treated to the Scouter Vegeta 2.0 pictures. Always excellent to see the official photos from Tamashii Nations, as they have a great  ability in showing us the details, points of articulation and poses that picture from conventions and toy shows cannot.

Remember; Scouter Vegeta 2.0 is slated for release July, 2017 at a price point of 5200JPY / $45.99. Don’t forget, as mentioned yesterday, Nappa will be a Tamashii Web Store Exclusive. So once those are gone, they’re gone. You won’t see the same figure release exactly the same way again. Though we all know that it could always return in a color scheme variant down the line..

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  • Dippergames420

    I hope that Vegeta’s price over here in the US isn’t going to spike up like Nappa’s, I’m thinking about buying him. Mostly because the original is $204 on Amazon and I can’t afford him.

  • Rezo Inverse

    I still hate how they’re reusing Super Vegeta’s head. The articulations are great but, he just look wrong if you compare with Vegeta on the beggining of Z.

  • Amdazzler

    Still hoping for a re release of Frieza next.

  • MidEastNuke

    The only thing I think that is keeping a frieza re-release or PCE version is that golden frieza was released in the fall of 2015. I’d love to see a 100% powered form to pair with Awakening Goku.

    • Rezo Inverse

      A Frieza 100% would be AMAZING! So great, actually, that I think they would keep it to reveal at a Comic Con.

  • wesker1984

    HE’S OVER 9000!