Official Images of Banprestos DXF Rosé Black and Vegetto Blue

As I reported a few months ago Banprestos very popular DXF line will be releasing their own version of the very popular Rosé Goku Black and Vegetto Blue. Now we have an official Image of both. These figures look great and are still slated for an October release of this year.


  • Rezo Inverse

    Very cool.

  • FT

    we need an SHF one tho

    • Rezo Inverse

      No doubts about that!

      My main hope now, is that they reveal something from DB Super next month, at New York. If it could be a Black figure… It would be perfect.hehe Even more since the SSJ Rosé was just announced to reach DB Xenoverse 2 on april.

  • Jonathan Velasquez

    This looks awesome!!! I really hope we get a goku black with a rose head that would make my day if it’s announce!!