New Master Stars Piece Trunks

Last month Banpresto revealed a teaser photo for a new Master Stars Piece Trunks figure. The only details we were given was that it would be a Trunks and figure and was “coming soon”. But now we have some extra details!


The figure will be released in April of 2016 via CraneKing claw machines across Japan and import figure dealers internationally. Unfortunately the figure will be in the same exact pose we see most Master Stars Piece figures coming in. Arms down and to the side, with upward clenched fists.

I’d like to see Master Stars Piece figures changing things up some day, but at this point the pose has become iconic to the line. Not sure if we’ll ever see this come to fruition, especially as other lines offer exactly what I’m hoping for.

Here’s the final version of the figure below:

Master Stars Piece Trunks

Photo Courtesy of Dengeki Hobby
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  • wesker1984

    Cool piece! ^^ But i would really like they do other characters like Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. I possess none of them in my DBZ collection.

    • MajinRob

      I think they’re cool figures, especially because of the price. I dont mind dropping the $20 or so to pick them up when I see them. I just dont like them enough to specifically seek them out.

      • wesker1984

        Me too! I pick the ones i actually find here and here but it not the ones i seeks specifically. For exemple i decided to concentrate on the SH figuarts mainly so i will seeks every re-releases or new releases i can.

  • Matthias Leonardo McFly

    So sad they took the anime color instead of the manga color for the outfit… I’ll wait for a recolor version.

  • Dbz4Star

    Where can I preorder ss trunks msp please can someone help me out
    Has to be a legit and trustworthy website

    • MajinRob

      Big Bad Toy Store

      • Dbz4Star

        Thanks so much for the site but they don’t have ss trunks msp but they do have a lot of other dbz so thanks again