New Figurise Standard Series 2 and PLEX Beerus Photos

New images of both Gohan and Cell from the Figurise Standard Series 2 wave. Based on Cell’s sculpt and images, I would imagine his shoulder pads restrict his arms movement so his arms can’t move too far apart.

Additionally, there’s a new image of the PLEX: Gigantic Series Beerus figure. It will cost 11,800JPY and is planned for a September, 2016 release.

Check out the galleries below:

Figurise Standard Wave 2

PLEX Gigantic Series Beerus

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  • Marco

    Am I wrong or Beerus’ ears do not look right? They look like rabbit ears.

  • sharinganmor92

    Are the figurerise standard dame scale as figuarts?

    • Unfortunately not, the Goku figure seems to be the average size for the series and he’s around 17cm. Even the shorter characters such as Frieza stand to close to Figuart height.