Master Stars Piece Manga Dimensions TRUNKS!

Banpresto has recently shown off their newest addition to their “statue” quality Master Stars Manga Dimensions line.

This unique variant figure of Trunks stands nearly 10″ tall and has everything thing the Master Stars Piece line stands for. The best quality in size and sculpting. This piece features a special cell-shaded paintjob that makes Trunks look like he jumped right out Xenoverse 2!

This is due to come out in Sept 2017, and $59.99

  • Chandler Nunnally

    Incredible paint on this guy, and a super affordable price. Reminds me of the Super Master Stars Pieces

  • Bo Sin

    wish they would release new characters in the regular MSP line…. still holding out on piccolo and cell

    • MajinRob

      The MSP line has been pretty interesting lately. The regular MSP line has been very quiet and the SMSP line has sort of taken over.