Funko’s Dragon Ball SDCC 2018 Exclusives

The Funko POP! line of figures has always been a staple of San Diego Comic Con’s desirable exclusives. This year looks to be no exception with what these leaked photos have to reveal:

Looks like the gold Vegeta will be Toy Tokyo’s exclusive this year, while the dead Yamcha and Brody figure will be part of the Funko booth’s lottery.

Not 100% sure on the Whis figure yet, but it’s probably safe to say it’s also going to be at the Funko booth as well.

Are you attending the con this year? Do you plan to pick any of these up? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So is there any way to get these besides eBay? I am attending the Dragon Ball Tour in DC in August. Is there any word on if they will be there?

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