Figure-rise Standard Krillin, Goku and Figure-rise Effects Shown

At a recent toy show the Figure-rise Standard Krillin and (powered down) Goku model kits were shown and they look brilliant. Additionally, Figure-rise Effect pieces were also revealed, which in theory could be purchased and used with any figures that may scale with them. Exciting news for figure collectors of all lines!

The Figure-rise Standard Krillin and Goku kits don’t have a tentative release date or price at this time. The Figure-rise Effect pieces are priced at 972JPY each and slated for release in August, 2017.

Figure-rise Effect

Figure-rise Effect

Figure-rise Standard Goku

Figure-rise Standard Krillin

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  1. This will be released the 23rd of this month (September) , what is bugging me, is that no new figures (fom figure rise) have been announced, so far it had been a double release every 2 months…

  2. My only issue with these is that they feel so light and cheap when you’re finished with the build. They look so good, but it is a bummer when they feel like papercraft

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