Figuarts ZERO EX: Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Color

It wasn’t too long ago that we posted photos of the prototype Figuarts ZERO EX Super Saiyan 4 Goku figure, which was so early in development that it didn’t have any color yet. Well some new, high quality, color photos have emerged and we have them here for you, like we promised.

I also noticed two interesting bits of information about this figure. Number one: it’s the first figure in the line to be based on a Dragon Ball GT character design. Number two: it’s the first figure in the line to change up the style of base that the figure is posed upon, arguably allowing for a greater freedom of poses for the sculptors.

Dont forget, the figure will be made available in March, 2017 and the price is set for 10,000JPY + tax.

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  • Chandler Nunnally

    This looks sick! If only March wasnt so far away. Gotta have this, love GT.

    The designs anyway

    • MajinRob

      I’ve always really loved the GT character designs. I’m the odd one out as well, as I actually enjoyed Dragon Ball GT. Not that I’m unaware of its obvious flaws or anything.. haha.

      • Chandler Nunnally

        Yeah, I feel you. The designs and animation are pretty great, and I really like the whole 90’s aesthetic, if only because it is a different stylistic choice that Toei made that distinguishes it from ‘Z’. And on a story level, I really like the idea of the gang having to fight the dragon balls themselves as a final obstacle. That’s a cool poetic structure! Execution is not the best but there is stuff to like 🙂

      • Pull_Yo- GUTS_Out_Ya_Ass

        I loved GT, i have no shame in saying it lol.

  • Dalubai

    I didn’t like GT but i love so much SSJ4 transformation. This figure looks gorgeous.