Dragon Ball Z Resolution of Soldiers Volume 06 – Son Gohan

The next figure in Banpresto’s popular ‘Resolution of Soldiers’ line will be the popular Future Son Gohan. While I am excited to get this, mainly because Future Gohan figures are few and very far between, they did drop the ball on the design.

While this figure is shown to have the scar on the face, that he got in the History of Trunks OVA, this figure still have both arms. The problem is that in the OVA (also in the manga) Future Gohan lost his arm in the battle where he got this scar. I’m assuming that this choice was made because 1.) Figures with missing limbs arnt desirable, or 2.) They are going off of his design from Xenoverse 2

Either way, this figure will be $29.99 and is scheduled to come out Sept 2017


  • Rezo Inverse

    Very nice!

  • DRshooter

    Gotta get that pre-order ;D

  • MidEastNuke

    Doesn’t bother me!

  • Chandler Nunnally

    Very cool.

  • Mau

    I wish they finally made a decent Mystic Gohan figure. He’s my favorite character of all DBZ.

  • Mogster

    While the missing arm would be a nice touch, I honestly don’t think I’d buy it. The wife wouldn’t want a limbless figure on the mantle! Will defo get this, though.